Saturday, June 26, 2010

$5 for a Loop


Finished loops are catalogued at the bottom of this post

How it works: you give me $5 to create a loop (short piece that can repeat indefinitely) for you, in whatever way you'd like me to do it

For instance, you could ask me to make a loop that "samples 5 different songs," or "is at 220 beats per minute," or "uses a (twelve) tone-row," or "covers part of 'Be My Baby,'" or "sounds like winter," or "works as a B section for the last loop you made for me"--really, anything you can imagine (look/listen below for examples). I'll do my best to follow your rules, but if something seems unreasonable to me, given the $5 price--say, "make a loop with 200 unique vocal tracks"-- I'll ask you for a new prompt, or refund your money (otherwise, even if you don't like your loop, no refunds :P).

I'll still own the rights to the loops I make for you, but will put them online for free under the same Creative Commons license (by-nc-sa) I use for all of my material, which allows you to reuse it pretty freely. The default name will be "Your Name x" (where x is the number of loops that you've bought), but you can change the name in your commission guidelines, if you'd like.

To buy a loop, simply go to the top of this post, fill in your guidelines and click "buy now" (uses PayPal). If the guidelines box doesn't give you enough room, you can send a longer email with all your wants to: dkanagamusic [at] gmail [dot] com.

To listen to a loop as a loop, rather than as a short clip online, right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) on the loop link and  select "Save Target/Link As to download. Then open it up in iTunes, and make sure the looping button down in the bottom left corner looks like this (means "loop just this one song"); that should work!


$5 Loops

Iris Alden 1 (guidelines: sample "I Can't Help Myself" both The Four Tops and The Gems versions)
Devi the Doberman (Perry Patterson, guidelines: title)
Misbehaving Machines (Perry Patterson, guidelines: title)
THE WALL-E WALTZ (Perry Patterson, guidlines: title)
The Ericksons' Middle of the Night Remix with Mason Jennings (Ross Kanaga, guidelines: sample the title song + The Light (Part 2) by Mason Jennings)
Bryan Sonderman 1 (guidelines: "contains meaningful original lyrics")
Marc Evans 1 (guidelines: sample these recordings; first pair of piano chords should be prominent)
Cooper Otte 1 (guidelines: use provided recordings (on CD) as samples; do not repeat a sample without altering it in some way (no loops))
Josh Bothun 1 (guidelines: "warm, milky waves of bright orange creamsicle")
Jonas Pologe 1 (guidelines: "puzzle canon")
Peter Richards 1 (guidelines: "40 seconds of rock 'n' roll in my [Peter's] style")
Kyle Cotler 1 (guidelines: "Create a loop that would occur at a recording session where Phil Spector, at his craziest, is producing a song written by Neil Sedaka and J.C. Bach. BUT J.C. Bach is bringing his woes to the session which were brought on by his realization that his Father superior composer and he will never achieve his level of success or fame.")
AHAB III (Sam Alden, guidelines: "create a loop to accompany each frame of my AHAB trilogy." see the trilogy here!: AHAB@Gingerland)
Iris Alden 2 (guidelines: "a theme and variations based on that melody from Philip Glass' La Belle et La BĂȘte opera")
The Dream 1
The Dream 2
The Dream 3
The Dream 4 (Harry Fulop, guidelines: "create a loop for each of these four vignettes"; read them here!)
Nanyonjo Mukungu 1 (guidelines: "disco synth")
Morgan Ellis 1 (guidelines: "sample 1 or more of yr earlier work, fracturecompound-style"; (samples "chant," "the witch party," and "first movement"))
Sam Alden 4
Sam Alden 5 (both prompts: "the exploration of something about 8th grade or middle school")
Jerom 1 (guidelines: "a silly battle theme between a ladybug and a little spider")
Richard Alden 1 (guidelines: "6 loops based on the Bach cello suites")
Richard Alden 2
Richard Alden 3
Richard Alden 4
Richard Alden 5
Richard Alden 6
Bryan Sonderman 2 (guidelines: "snap music w/deep bass and slow tempo")
narF 1 (guidelines: "something about love")
narF 2 (guidelines "something with a wintery vibe")
George Buckenham 1 (guidelines: "something for me to use as a ringtone")
Josh Schonstal 1 (guidelines: "Just Intonation/Mixolydian Dub: 'The King of Psychedelia'")
David Hayward 1 (guidelines: "something relaxing and gentle but with a repeating chime")
Richard Edwards 1 (guidelines: "old-timey saloon piano music")
Martin Simpson 1 (guidelines: "abandoned amusement park, piano, subtle saxophone, empty")
Przemek Muller 1 (guidelines: "Exploring an abandoned place. Unnerving. Non-futuristic! Think Thief: The Dark Project (, but a little bit more melodic. Still, it should be so weird that nobody will be able to remember (or even notice) the melody in the first listen")
Richard Perrin 1 (guidelines: "something ominous")

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