Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back-and-forth with Sam Alden

Sam Alden and I sent some music and images back and forth... he'd draw something and I'd make a little song based on it; I'd make a little song, and he'd draw something based on it it, etc.  It started with this:

which became this:
which became this (since I thought the rich textures in the image deserved some music that was more vibrant):

The rest are more straightforward 1:1 pairs. Sam drew these, and I responded with the music:

Then I recorded these, and Sam responded with the drawings:

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  1. This is really captivating, fantastic work! (to both of you!) Have you thought about making a simple video with the relevant image displayed while the music plays? It would be nice to have a sat-back, hands-off, fullscreen way to see/hear it.